Prosthetically guided dentistry - what does minimally invasive really mean?

14:00 - 15:00
23 May 2020
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Prosthetically guided dentistry - What does minimally invasive really mean? The evolution of concepts and technologies in nowadays dentistry offers new perspectives for achieving the final goals: restoring the morphology, esthetics and functionality of dental hard tissues as well as re-establishing the correct architecture of the soft tissues. The conference aims at presenting a concept of minimal invasive esthetic and functional oral rehabilitation of complex cases. It focuses on various clinical and technical criteria, on sequencing the treatment plan and on current digital prosthetic techniques. The goal of this concept is to enhance the treatment predictability by efficiently planning its’ phases. The phases include: a comprehensive initial diagnosis, a diagnostic wax-up, an esthetic and functional mock-up, which allows for a minimal or sometimes even non invasive teeth preparation, a correct digital or conventional impression, an adequate ceramic material choice, an adhesive cementation and the final occlusion check. This method may solve the majority of critical problems related to the restorative treatment plan and its’ actual finalization. The conference is addressed to all clinicians and dental technicians that wish to have a minimal invasive digital approach for complex oral rehabilitation cases through prosthetic restorations on teeth as well as on implants. Key words: digital working protocol/ minimal invasive approach/ ceramic material selection/ oral rehabilitation.

DT Petri Cristian

Dr. Silvana Canjau

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