SHAPE & LINES: the happy ending for direct composite restorations

11:30 - 13:00
22 May 2020
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Current composite resins allow us to make restorations that mimic the effects and opacities of the natural teeth. From more detailed techniques to simpler techniques, the market trend is towards the use of composite resins with a single opacity.

One of the key points for any restoration that looks like a natural tooth is its shape.

In the anterior teeth, the combination of shape, surface texture and shine produces more natural and invisible restorations. In the posterior teeth, the shape and lines of the occlusal surfaces dictate not only aesthetic but also functional success.

At our disposal we have various materials to accomplish these results, depending on the sequence and the technique.
In this lecture different techniques of addition and modeling of composite resin will be covered (Essential Lines & Essential Shape), as well as a simple protocol of finishing and polishing so that all restorations always will look like natural teeth.

Paulo Monteiro

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